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Visual storytelling through photo & video

Stand out in the crowd

I am passionate about delivering visual content for companies within photo and video production. My goal is to help the customer stand out in the market. Together, let's take your business to the next level with great visual storytelling.

Some of the clients I have the pleasure of working with

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Siv Trælvik Breien, Creative Advisor Gjerholm

«We are very satisfied with the collaboration with Stine. We find that she has a very good eye for detail and is superb with human beings. She contributes with good

creative measures to solve small and large projects. She is very responsive and cooperative and delivers on time and on budget. This concerns film productions and stills for outdoor and social media.

I can warmly recommend Stine»

I am

Already as a child I said that I wanted to work for myself, have freedom and do something creative. When I discovered photography through studies, the pieces fell into place. "Photographer" fulfilled all three of my wishes. It is now over 17 years since I had my first photography job. Throughout these years, I have visited most photo genres, been given exciting challenges and met an incredible number of nice people. I feel grateful every single day that I can create visual stories through photos and video.

I look forward to the continuation!

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